Bathroom sinks comes in an infinite array of shapes, sizes, materials, and structures to choose from. You have old, new, or re-purposed; porcelain, metal, glass, or stone, There are also various shapes, sizes and styles. Selecting a bathroom sink can be a challenge to  what bathroom sinks that best fits your bathroom decor.

Today’s bathroom sinks are very artistic in design. They are very beautiful, with many rich colors and decorative finishes. Bathroom sinks can make you bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. There are a few things to consider when selecting a bathroom sink.

Planning the Space for your Bathroom Sink

Make sure you have adequate space for the sink you selected. Makesure when selcting a bathroom sink you select the proper height of those who will be using it.
Standard bathroom sinks are 33 to 36 iches tall and vintage sinks standing at 31 inches tall. some the hight may be too short for a tall person, while standard porcelain models at 33 to 36 inches may be too tall for a small child.

You also have options of selecting a wall-mounted bathroom sink and install it at any any height. If you have space, mount the bowl on the countertop. For the cleanest edge, drop it in flush, or under mount it.

Bathroom Sink Styles

There are six basic sink styles on the market today. The style you choose will depend on your taste, budget and the size of your space:

    * Self-Rimming Sinks - The most common and easiest to install. 

    * Under-Mount Sink Basins - Joined to the vanity surface from below, so there is no raised lip, emphasizing the countertop material and making cleanup easy 

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* Integral Sinks - Manufactured from stainless and solid surfacing, they are fused with the countertop to form on seamless, easily maintained unit. 

    * Vessel Sinks - Appear to sit on top of the vanity counter, allowing their shapes and colors to function almost as a sculpture within the room.

    * Pedestal Sinks - Fit on top of a pedestal-shaped base and are ideal for small sized bathrooms. 

    * Console Sinks - Stand on two or four legs a disadvantage though, like pedestals, is that they offer no storage.