When a home owner is looking to remodel their bathrooms, they often decide to upgrade their toilets to a more efficient toilet. They want the best toilet bowls at a great price. If it was not for the improvement made by TOTO Toilets, KOHLER Toilets and American Standard Toilets, from the last twenty years, we would still be living with toilets that waste water and not very durable. Today’s toilet bowls offer high efficiency, great performance as well as a way to save you money.

These companies not only have the best toilet bowls. They have design many different styles and color choices to satisfy just about anyone who is looking for a toilet. Today http://www.depotexpo.com will list three companies that offer the best toilet bowls money can buy. KOHLERTOTO and American Standard have many toilets to choose from, so take your time and find the one that will fit your lifestyle the best. You can select from a one piece toilet to a two piece toilet and the amount of water consumption. Your options are endless.

TOTO Toilets

TOTO offer high efficiency toilets without you spending a huge sum of money. TOTO toilets uses 20 % less water at each flush and only required to be flush once, thus, you are able to save money. TOTO toilets have a quiet flush, user friendly and very comfortable. There are a sought after products by many home owners. TOTO high efficiency toilets come with three distinct flushing systems. Each flushing system is design to save you money by using the power of water.

Double Cyclone Flushing System 

Double Cyclone Flushing System uses the force of the water and gravity. The toilet uses 1.28 GPF. The toilet also uses tow nozzles instead of the standard one to give a powerful flush that also help for better rim and bowl wash.

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E-Max Flushing System

E-Max flushing toilets use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. There are very elegant and pleasant looking deisgn toilets that use water pressure to create a powerful flush. The toilet comes with 3" wide flush valve that provides a quick, consistent and powerful flush; large 2-1/8" trap way is glazed to optimize waste passage, Pilot operated fill valve ensures quiet operation and a clean shutoff at any water pressure and Extra-large siphon jet works in conjunction with the large glazed trap way; the siphon jet pulls away waste with incredible force.

Dual-Max Flushing System

TOTO Dual-Max Flushing System set the standard when it comes to flushing systems. It allows you to select the amount of water you want to use at each flush you have an option of 0.9 GFP to 1.6 GFP.

KOHLER Toilets

KOHLER Toilets offers water conservation to noise reduction, KOHLER toilets deliver exceptional performance. Gravity-fed technologies deliver extraordinary bulk flushing power and clean performance to a dual flush technology that combines exceptional water conservation and outstanding flushing performance from .8 GFP to 1.6 GFP. They offer assisted flushing technology for great water savings.

American Standard Toilets

American Standard is one of the oldest plumbing companies. They have been producing plumbing fixture since 1875. American Standard has a series of toilet bowls they offer to help consumers to save money. American Standard’s offers the patented Aqua Force Flushing System to help consumers to conserve water as well as saving money. 

The Champion 4, toilet is one of the highest performance toilets. The toilets come with the widest 2 3/8” trap way and 4” flush valve; you no longer need a plunger with this toilet. The Cadet 3 flushing system stops stains and odor causing bacteria mold and mildew from forming. American Standard also has the FloWise Dual Flush Right Height and the Titan Pro Right Height. For more on best toilet bowls check http://www.depotexpo.com

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