When you are ready for counter tops, you will find that there are many options on the market to choose from for your kitchen counter tops, and your bathroom counter tops. Depot Expo will give you a rundown of the latest trends so you can make an educated choice when you are ready to remodel your kitchen, or ready to remodel your bathroom. 
When you are working on your kitchen project or bath project keep in mind counter tops will play a critical role in the success of the kitchen project and bath project. The right counter tops will accentuate your cabinetry. Furthermore, counter tops has to be able to withstand your family daily use and reflect your own personal style. Here is a rundown of the latest trends.

Most kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels use natural stone counter tops. Natural stones are stylish, durable and can add sophistication to any kitchen remodel or bath remodel. Moreover, natural stones can help improve the resale value of your home. Natural stones come with a hefty price, depending on your taste and budget. Natural stone can run in the price range of $ 40.00 to $ 300.00 per square foot depending on the stone rarity

Granite counter tops stone comes in many colors and it is very hard material and easier to maintain than marble. However, granite stones are still porous and will stain if they are not seal properly. There are different types of granite depending and a majority of natural stone comes from Italy, Spain, Turkey, United States, Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Canada, France, and Brazil. Granite stones have long been the choice for high-end kitchen kitchens and upgrades. Keep in mind a good sealer will help to maintain the granite stone natural beauty

Soapstone is a soft stone that resist stains and wears well, better than granite. Soapstone has a grey or black color look to it. The stone does not have to be sealed, but it can get scratch much faster than granite. Soapstone will require some maintenance; you have to do an occasional application of mineral oil in order to maintain its dark grey or black patina color. The mineral oil will also help to blend any minor scuffs.

Wood Counter tops

Wood counter tops are usually not an option for the entire kitchen, because most people do not want that, but is a great accent piece for an island. They can also serve as cutting boards and food preparation areas. There are three main types of pieces when looking to buy wood counter tops:

Face Grain: wide strips for a planking effect, Edge Grain: long pieces placed on edge and End Grain: cut ends showing the growth rings. You can get wood. Pros and cons of wood counter tops:
Pros: Beautiful surface that gets richer with age, Food can be chopped and prepared without a special chopping block, Blemishes can be sand out and refinished.
Cons: Can be marked and will show knife marks, Water can penetrate untreated nicks, Will discolor or burn of hot items are placed on the surface, Expensive, Difficult to match if you want to add on later or replace a piece.
Wood counter tops are not inexpensive but if you can afford and you have discriminating tastes it will definitely be the defining feature of your kitchen.

Concrete Counter tops:

Concrete counter tops is not something you will find in every home you visit. Concrete countertops are performance is similar to marble or granite. A much newer option than natural stone and has some benefits and some drawback to it.
Benefits of Concrete Counter tops: Concrete countertops are not a grey piece of slab we know of when we think about concrete. When finished, a concrete counter will have a smooth, polished surface much like high quality stone counters. Concrete counter tops are also strong and durable as well.  One the benefit on concrete counter tops, it can be made to suit your personal tastes.
 Concrete counters are naturally porous, as is natural stone. You will have to ensure that your concrete counter is properly sealed to avoid stains. They are also made to order, so you do not know what it will look like until the job is complete. Unlike granite counter tops and marble counter tops, you can go and select your stone before the installation and that gives you a very good idea what the counter tops will look like.

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