Kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are very important addition to kitchen decor and bathroom decor.Kitchen  and bathroom tiles comes in array of colors, sizes and materials. You have option of possibly mix several colors to produce a certain design or look you want.

Floor tiles can be used on the walls and wall tiles can rarely be used on the floor because of its strenght. Floor tiles can be used for a backsplash or as a counter top. The drawback to using tile as a counter top is cleaning of the gout line.
You have counteless option on how to used decorative kitchen tile. Most painted tiles are made of ceramic because of its extensive range of colors and designs. 

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Wood flooring looks great and is durable with proper care. Although they are susceptible to scratches, dents and moisture, hardwood floors can be refinished multiple times
Laminate flooring doesn't look as nice as a hardwood or stone, but it can mimic the look for much less. Laminate floors are durable -- resistant to scratches, stains, 
Stone flooring  including marblegranite and travertine  can look very elegant in the right home. Stone is an expensive flooring choice and, unlike wood, must always be installed by a professional, adding to the cost.… 
Vinyl Flooring          
Vinyl flooring generally considered to be aesthetically inferior to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is inexpensive, and tile vinyl (sometimes with a self-stick backing) is easy to install yourself
Cork flooring                                bamboo flooring         
Cork flooring and bamboo flooring are the most popular environmentally conscious options. Cork can cost ($4 to $10 per sq. ft.) and it is harvested without killing the tree; it is inexpensive and works with any decor,

Floor Tile Ideas

Hardwood woodfloor and engineered woodfloor