Our home is a reflection of who we are. The way we decide to decorate our home, its architecture, furnishings, color scheme creates an over all design we can enjoy. “Door knobs” can also add to the design of our home.

Door design and door knobs are very important part of the surroundings as it adds to the final and finishing touches of our home. The door is the first thing our guest see before they walk into our home. Doors serves dual purpose, it provides security and also define our taste and style for the home. The doors can stand out in two ways - First by adding a pleasing color scheme and secondly, you can put well designed door knobs to create a perfect look. 

The door knockers are getting notice in all latest and retro designs. Similarly to door knobs, door knockers comes in many different shape and colors. Your choice of a door knocker will be based   on the door you decide to purchase. If you have a contemporary home then your doors should have modern accessory on it. On the contrary for a conventional house more traditional accessories should be used. 

Again, door knobs for decorating the doors will depend on the room style. To make the front door of your home stands out, you should use tough door knocker that can be exposed to the seasonal and climatic changes. Also door knocker creates the first impression on your visitor. For a conventional house, you can go for brass door knobs with a traditional design. While for a modern house, you can go for door knobs with in-fashion design whit a high rate of durability. 

For your kitchen cabinets, the knobs you decide to use can create a dramatic different in your kitchen. The kitchen cabinets door knob can add glamor to your kitchen cabinets. As this area is less used and has little security concerns so a modest door knob would suffice the need. Your balcony, terrace and office room doors should provide you security so it should have appropriate locking system as well as strong door knobs. 

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