When you are ready to begin your home improvement projectyou are probably wondering where do I begin; what to look for or what questions should I ask? http://www.depotexpo.com recommends that you thoroughly verify all of a contractor’s information to make sure their information is still current. Here, we will list the 5 steps you need to do before you are ready to hire a home improvement contractor.

Contractor’s License

Before you move to any other steps you have to verify the contractor’s license is still in good standing. You can always find a list of license requirement in your state by visiting your local state website for the free information. It is important to keep in mind that many states may not require licensing depending on the amount of the job.

Contractor’s proof of insurance

Now that you have verified the contractor’s license, you are ready to move to the next step. Your next step is to verify the contractor’s proof of insurance. You have to ask the contractor to provide proof of their insurance certificate. Do not settle for their words, you want to see the certificate. After reviewing the certificate, you have to take the steps to verify their policy is in good standing by checking with the insurance carrier. This step is one of the most important. By ensuring the contractor has adequate insurance, you will be protected against any damages they may have done in your home.

Contractor’s Contract

contract should be clear and easy to understand, but most important, it has to be written on the contractor’s company letterhead paper. There some basic information that should be listed on the contract such as: the company’s name and address, phone number and license number as well as the consumers’ name, address, phone number with the place where the work would be performed. 

Moreover, ensure the contract has the correct date, the exact description of all the work the contractor will be performing as well as the agree dollar amounts for each task they will be performing. Estimated start and finish date, termination clause and who will be responsible for pulling any permits that maybe require in getting the job done.

Contractor’s References

You are about to spend a great deal amount of money that you probably have save over a long period of time, so do not just look over the contractors references. Please take the time and check each one to ensure you have done your due diligence. You want to have a peace of mind knowing the company has done great work for others.

Paying the Contractor

www.depotexpo.com advised never to pay cash to any contractor. We also advised never to make the payment to an individual. We recommend you always make all your payments to the contractor’s company name. Check and credit cards are the payment methods we recommend, and be sure to get a receipt for all your payments. Don't pay the in full until you ensure job finished according to the contract and you have completed your final inspection.

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Hiring a Contractor