The kitchen sink comes in a variety of style, shape and colors.The kitchen sinks area has taken on a multi functional roll in the kitchen. The kitchen sink has become a full service work station. Kitchen sinks has evolve to a more stylish in the overall design of the kitchen due to the high demand of home owners who demanded hifh standard and help influence kitchen sinks design. This has created the need for kitchen sinks to be designed in configurations that can accommodate many functions. For instance, a stainless steel sink can serve as a dishwasher, cutting board, or a strainer.

Kitchen sinks today comes in a variety of sizes, from bowls to many other shapes. They also comes with many accessories. A kitchen sink usually have, drainers, cutting boards, soap dispensers, hot water dispensers, soft or purified water taps, and sprayers.

The kitchen sink materials are also very important part of the selction of a kitchen sink. Some of the material considered the best for kitchen sinks include stainless steel, which is considered to be more hygienic and trendy, and more traditional choices such as fireclay and ceramic, which are available in many colors.

Currently there are three design trends that are starting to be seen today with kitchen sinks. The commercial or professional look, the traditional or old world look, and the country farmhouse look with an apron front and available in single, double, and triple bowl size. Some homeowners are going with more customized kitchen sink solutions like galvanized troughs.

Because of the need today for the kitchen sink to be able to multi-task as far as duties are concerned, the materials used for kitchen sinks today include fire clay, copper, titanium, as well as the familiar stainless steel.
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