Today, there are three choices when it comes to selecting an inground swimming pool and spa. However, swimming pool design can be limitless and at times over whelming. The only obstacle that will stand in your way of your swimming pool and spa will be your budget, and how much space you have to have your swimming pool contractors to install your dream oasis.

Gunite Swimming Pool

Some of the choices for home owners when it comes to in ground swimming pools construction are: gunite swimming pool, fiberglass swimming pools and vinyl swimming pool.  For durability, Gunite construction of a swimming pool is the preferable style when it comes to concrete swimming pool. A concrete swimming pool can be built in several shapes. Whatever the swimming pool design you desire you can achieve it with concrete swimming pool.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass pools are less expensive to have than concrete pool. There is very popular    inground pool because of their affordability. The only drawback to having a fiberglass pool is the limitation on pool design. Fiberglass swimming pools comes in one piece, a predetermine shape by the manufacturer. Fiberglass swimming pools are not very challenging to install inground. You might have to spend a bit more time installing the filter, heater and the other necessary parts of a fiberglass swimming pool.

Vinyl Swimming Pool

The third type of inground swimming pool is a vinyl swimming pool. This type of inground swimming pool is not my favorite. However, if a home owner is looking to have a large swimming pool, vinyl swimming pool can give them their desire size with an affordable price. Because of fiberglass swimming pools, very few home owners are going with vinyl swimming pools. Some of the drawback to a vinyl swimming pool and one of the main reason I do not like them, is the fact they can be punctured causing leakage.

This is just the basics in what is available in today’s market in pools and for all your Pools, Spas & Supplies needs  has everything you will need.

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