Windows in a home can be a great focal point. Windows can be your home's eyes to the outside world. Whether your home is new or old you can create the look that is best-suited for your style and personality. Window treatments can create a casual or formal look. Window treatments can also easily change the feel and appearance of any room in your house without a huge expense and assembly. is happy to provide information on soft window treatments, hard window treatments, window hardware.

When you are ready for window treatments there are important elements for you to consider. Light and privacy controls are some of the important elements to consider when choosing soft window treatments. You can combine soft window treatments with hard window treatments to create the result you are looking for. Soft window treatments come in varying style that provides varying light and privacy control:

A sheer soft window treatment gives an open, airy feeling.
Semi-sheer soft window treatments diffuse light for a little privacy
Semi-opaque window treatments provide partial blockage of light
Opaque window treatments gives you maximum light blocking

Hard window treatments can allow maximum amount of flexibility for any home to capitalize on your home great view. If your home has a great view, that can be a great selling points. However, you do not want to obscure this view. One of the best ways to avoid blocking this view is to use hard window treatments. is happy to provide information on hard window treatments. Hard window treatments come in varying style that provides varying ways to provide maximum view.

Natural woven shade filters the light and provides a warm feeling to the room.
Horizontal blinds that gives the appearance of plantation shutters
Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds are available in aluminum, vinyl, or fabric to coordinate with your room.
Shutters can enhance the appearance of a room and also and provide excellent light control.
Pleated, roller or cellular shades are simple and elegant. They can easily be combined with soft window treatments for a classy appearance.

Window Hardware

Window treatments hardware can be very decorative. They can create new life to the décor of your home. Window treatment hardware comes in many assorted styles, colors and finishes to coordinate with your home decor. There is specific hardware to select from depending on the window treatments you have selected.
Window treatments hardware can create many different results. Purchasing the correct window treatments hardware is crucial to enhance your home decor and look. is happy to provide information on hard window treatments hardware, soft window treatments hardware.
Here are a few basic hardware items from which you may choose:
Pole ends/finials (leaves, twigs, spears, fruit, etc.)
Curtain clips