If you’re on the market for a new kitchen faucets, be prepare to go though a large variety of kitchen faucets. There are many types of kitchen faucets. All those choices will make your head spin Depot Expo will provide you with some information about all the kitchen faucet types to make things easier for you.

First: Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

Single handle types of kitchen faucets gives you the ability to control the amount water easily with just a single lever. A single lever Faucet can be very convenient. However, there is a draw back. A single lever faucet makes it difficult to control the temperature. Most people prefere it because it does not clutter their kitchen.

Second: Dual Handle Kitchen Faucets

This is a very familiar type of kitchen faucet, which comes with a hot and cold control, one on either side of the faucet.  Because of The two controls,  you are able to easily control the temperature. However, dual handle kitchen fuacets take s more room and at times can be challenging to clean ar

Third: Pull Out Spray Faucets

Pull out spray faucets is one of the most popular features clients always ask for. They are easy to work with. You can pull out spray faucets to wash vegetables, clean dishes or clean around the sink. You direct the water in whatever direction you want  and neatly.  If you want a sprayer, but don't like the idea of having it mounted in your pull out faucet, you can always get the traditional side mount.  However, these sprayers usually have a lower water volume available.

Fourth: Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets

These are all wall mounted faucets on the wall above the sink, instead of the normal sink mount.  The sink top is clear giving you a cleaner look in the kitchen with easy maintenance .  You can get wall mounted types of kitchen faucets in single or double handled styles.

Fith: Bar Sink Kitchen Faucets

Offering a distinctly different look, bar style kitchen faucets have a long, graceful neck, and come in a number of different looks.  It doesn't matter if you like your faucets old fashioned or contemporary, single or double handled.  These faucets do all have a sleek appearance and long, curved faucet neck in common.  Popular for people who are tired of the same old thing, bar sink kitchen faucets install the same way as ordinary ones - in the sink top.

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